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Welcome to my Dojang       

My private dojang (Martial Arts School) is located in Cedar Creek, Texas just off of Hwy 71 near Pope Bend Road.  My school is small and allows for more individualized training for my students.  Originally built for my personal training I was convinced by my friends to hold classes for their children.  Since these classes have worked out so well for my students I have expanded them to include adult classes.

While I do limit my class sizes I will always provide additional classes as needed to train those who dedicate themselves to Tukong!  My current class schedule is listed below.  If you are interested in attending classes please use the link to the lower right to contact me.

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School Update!
I have been convinced to expand the existing school.  Hopefully by the end of April 2006 we will be located in our new 1500 Sqft building.  This will allow for larger classes and room for more advanced techniques.

We will also be installing an ostacle course at the new location.  This will allow for field training which allows for training in even more advanced techniques!

I will post building pictures here as they become available...

UPDATE:  The building is dried in finally!  It must have a million bolts!

tukong floor plan Click on the picture
for a larger view!

New Dojang
tukong inside
Click on the picture
for a larger view!