Martial artists practicing Tukong Moosul are trained in four areas, based upon the distance theory. The four areas include Throwing (leverage techniques), Punching (hand techniques), Kicking (foot techniques), and Weapons (extended body techniques). Each technique has its individual importance for proper application and effectiveness. No one of the techniques is any better or stronger than the other. When you apply the distance theory properly for each technique, you can achieve the ultimate efficiency and power needed to accomplish your goal.

The distance theory should be used in all situations to maximize the effectiveness of the attack or counter attack. Each of the four principals of the theory has numerous applications and techniques. The type and when to apply them is dependent on the situation and your attacker. Students of Tukong Moosul learn that there is no one technique that will always accomplish the desired result. Therefore we learn various techniques and principals to use accross the distance theory.

Areas of Training Include:

“Mind, Body and Spirit”

Rolling, Falling, Throwing, Grabbling

Confidence, Discipline, Respect

Punching, Kicking, Forms, Sparring, Field Training

Traditional Temple Style Training

Staff, Nunchucka, Knife, Sword, Cane, Belt

Meditation, Relaxation, Inner Peace

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